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Faculty & Staff

 Carol Domb    Chief Executive Officer
 Kellie Porter    Principal
 Abby Baker    Assistant Principal
 Deborah Sperbeck    Director of Admissions and School Services
 Teron Ivery    Director of Operations
 Tracey Lank    Director of Special Education
 Kristin Iannuzzelli    Director of College and Career Programs
 Marc O'Connor    Director of Data & Technology
 Tiffanie Barthelemy    21st Century Coordinator
 Katherin Leontovich    Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
 Renata Anthony    Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
 Sabrina Jackson    Breakfast/Lunch Program Coordinator
 Shirley Dyson    Programs & Activities Coordinator
 Verna Donaldson    Breakfast/Lunch Program Coordinator
 Dana Leopold    5-8 School Counselor
 Eli Johnson    Dean of Climate & Culture- Upper School
 David Rosario    Dean of Climate & Culture- Lower School
 Sarah Gilson    4K-4 Elementary Counselor
 Meg Howley   School Nurse
 Terry Boyd   Safety Coordinator (Front Desk)
 Amy Keilbaugh    Art Teacher
 Brent Byerly    Physical Education Teacher
 Kendra Balmer    Music (4K-3)
 Kristin Disidoro    Spanish
 Salina Kuo    Music (4-8)
 Allen Garner    2nd Grade Teacher
 Amanda Monaco    3rd Grade Teacher
 Breanna Moore    1st Grade Teaching Assistant
 Dr. Erik Westby    Science Teacher (K-5)
 Emily MacGregor    5th Grade Teacher
 Erika Marini    4th Grade Teacher
 Erin Walsh    4K Teacher
 Evan Whitaker    5K Teacher
 Imani Saboor-Abdul    5th Grade Teacher
 Jamie Womble    5K Teaching Assistant (Whitaker)
 Jennifer Shiel    2nd Grade Teacher
 Katie Sia    1st Grade Teacher
 Kelsi Jones    3rd Grade Teacher
 Kennitha Lester    5K Teacher
 Kiara Edwards    4th Grade Teacher
 Kiona Ford    4K Teacher
 Claire Waugh    4th Grade Teacher
 Maylasiah Drayton    2nd Teaching Assistant
 Melissa Fox    5th Grade Teacher
 Melissa Hollinger    5K Teacher
 Melissa Overton    3rd Grade Teacher
 Melvin Vasquez    4K Teaching Assistant (Ford)
 Raina Haas    2nd Grade Teacher
 Scosha Washington    1st Grade Teacher
 Sherell Gibson    5K Teaching Assistant (Hollinger)
 Sierra Woods    4K Teaching Assistant (Walsh)
 Sonia Gerena    5K Teaching Assistant (Lester)
 Stacy Ryan    1st Grade Teacher
 Aaricka Anderson    7th Grade Math
 Andrea Brown    7th Grade ELA Teacher (7th HR)
 Cerrone Brown    6th Grade Teacher - Math
 Edwin Cineus    Social Studies Teacher (7-8)
 Jasmine Watts    6th Grade Teacher - Soc/Sci
 Lance Goodwin    8th Grade ELA Teacher (8th HR)
 Marissa Douglas    6th Grade Teacher -ELA
 Rayna Hughes    8th Grade Math
 Lulzim(Lou) Myrtaj    Science Teacher (6-8) (7th HR)
 Brian Politan    SPED Teacher
 Elisabeth Checchia    SPED Teacher
 Laura Raffaele    SPED Teacher
 Lauren Rosenthal    Occupational Therapist
 Leandra Yost    SPED Teacher
 Lindsay Alexander    SPED Teacher
 Melanie Mendelson    Speech Therapist
 Stephanie Davis    SPED Teacher
 Lindsay Allen    Intervention Teacher (5-8)
 Vernique Cottom    Intervention Teacher (1-4)
 Margie Lyons    Reading Specialist/Early Literacy
 Kathleen Testa    Psychologist
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