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7th Grade Editorial

Social Issue: Global Warming

by Neiby Kassahun

Do you know that Global Warming is killing animals, flooding cities, and affecting people’s health? It’s one of the biggest social problems in the world. Global Warming is when Earth average yearly air temperature is going up, but not necessarily in every single place during all seasons across the globe. Do you about how Global Warming affects people and animals, or how it starts and what people can do to stop it? Continues Global Warming will have devastating effects on people and animals. There are many ways people can help reduce the effects of Global Warming. One cause of Global Warming is the greenhouse effect, and the other is Carbon dioxide. I believe we can stop this by changing working as one and doing the little thing to stop it.

There are many cause of Global Warming. The first sign of global warming is when the industrial revolution began in the 18th century. Some of them are by driving cars, trucks, Factories polluting the air, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation. It all starts from combustion of fossil fuels in cars and trucks. Carbon dioxide comes out of the pipes and goes into the air. Energy gets trapped by the gasses, Which is called the greenhouse effect because it make the Earth even warmer. Other causes come from deforestation in forests which causes twice the damage because people are cutting down trees and that means there will be less oxygen for people and animals. Carbon dioxide is the gas trees breathe in and then they let out oxygen. It is also minor but very important component of our atmosphere, and it is released through natural processes such as respiration, volcanic eruptions, humans activities such as land use changes, deforestation, and burning fossil fuels. So that is why all of us should try to put an effort on trying to make the cause of Global Warming stop.

What make Global Warming a social problem is that it affect everyone on Earth. There will be devastating effects from Global Warming on animals to. Pandas, penguins, koalas, and Polar bears are some of the many animals affected by Global Warming. The giant panda in mid Asia is one of the endangered species. It’s has been left hungry in the wild. Global Warming is a big part of that because it is killing the bamboo that Pandas eat. It will also mean that pandas will be wiped out of China. Penguins, and Panda are also affected by Global Warming. The reason is that the ice the Penguins, and Pandas live on is disappearing because of climate change. That means penguins can’t get their food, and the water is getting warmer which means penguins will be overheated. One animal that people don’t know is getting affected by Global Warming is koalas. Koalas are one of the most well known animals in Australia other than the kangaroo. Koalas are being affected dramatically there about 100,000 of them left, and it all because of people, cars, and factories are release of carbon dioxide. Last, but not least, Polar bears will be affected because they need the ice in order to find food. When the ice melts polar bears will have to swim and that’s not there best technique. Global Warming can wipe out these iconic animals.

We need to have an effort on stopping Global Warming. The effects or impacts of Global Warming on people is rightly what we deserve, because we are the ones that begun destroying our Earth. Some effects of Global Warming are warming temperatures, sea levels rising, and people are having health treating effect like asma. There would also be severe weathers like foods on people. The Pollution that we release into the air (Carbon dioxide) is also affecting the ozone by destroying it. Which means the ozone will make the earth hotter. There are more signs the Earth is getting warmer. One is the Earth’s temperature is getting higher by 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit to 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit each year. If we keep doing this, will make our home, the Earth, too warm for people to live on. There will also be heat waves (which is period of unusual hot weather) and some people die because of overheating and they can breath.

Global Warming is horrible and you wouldn’t want it to destroy the whole planet. So we should stop before it gets out of control. An important thing is that by reducing fossil fuels such as driving cars instead of bikes, turning of the light when you leave the room are some of the ways. There are two things you can do without burning fossil fuels. One way is using less energy, or maybe use alternative, non polluting energy sources like solar and wind power. When your at home use efficient appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs. One good basic thing people can do is planting trees. The tree can take in the bad carbon dioxide and replace it with useful oxygen. Because carbon dioxide is a big factor to the greenhouse effect, planting trees would decrease it. Another cause of Global Warming is waste/garbage. When you decompose garbage it release methane. It also uses energy to be manufactured. You should really reduce waste and conserve water to reduce Global Warming because waste pollute the ocean and conserving water will help us when it too late. recycling plastic, metal, and paper will also help. We also need to conserve water because it decreases the the bad air going to the ozone. Many people have started to do that because they know what can happen. If we don’t stop this it can go even farther like no more animals, humans, and the Earth.

In conclusion, you should work on stopping Global Warming because it might affect you some someday or the future generations. The greenhouse effect might keep going on if more carbon dioxide is released into the air. Animals are wonderful creatures that you can enjoy but thanks to Global Warming you can’t. There will also be effects on humans like getting asthma. You are also burning to much fossil fuels and that is bad. I hope you can try to make a difference in the world. At the end you know what Global Warming is, cause of Global Warming, effects on people, effects on Pandas, Polar bears, Penguins, and Koala, and what we can do to stop it so you can go out and make a difference.

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