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7th Grade Editorial

Social Issue: Global Warming

by Tyron Spivey-Brown

In the early 1800s, greenhouse gases began warming the world’s oceans, decades earlier than previously thought, according to a new study. Global Warming is important because Global Warming isn’t healthy for animals. I feel like Global Warming isn’t healthy for anyone. Global Warming is killing wildlife and are making people sick and even die. I want to figure out a way to stop this from happening to anyone.

To be accurate, Global Warming started in the 1830s. I have been interested in this ever since my science teacher, Mr. Wilson teached my class about it. I became in Global Warming because I wondered how it started. Let me tell you, scientist made a climate change map. It tells you the current level of climate change and older levels. The current level is higher than 1950. The chart starts at 0 to 1950, so yes we are above 1950s.

Global Warming is a societal problem because it is happening all around the globe. Antarctica and The Arctic is really melting and their glaciers are crashing down in a pile of water every time it gets hotter. Places in Antarctica like Mawson’s Huts, Discovery Hut, Great Wall Station and more will be drowned or even smashed because of crashing down glaciers and mountains. Global Warming, resulting in a warming of the sea and loss of sea ice and land-based ice, this is greatest long-term threat to Antarctica. The Arctic is made out of solid water that will melt if we keep burning fuel.

How about we stop Global Warming, you could power your home with renewable energy and invest in energy-efficient appliances. You could also reduce water waste, you could also speak up to your community to get others to step up and solve Global Warming. Eat the food that you buy and try to eat less that you would have to use your stove with. Rethink planes, trains, and automobiles to not waste fuel. Choosing to live in walkable smart-growth cities and towns with quality public transportation leads to less driving, less money spent on fuel, and less pollution in the air.

“Global Warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.” What I did to solve Global Warming is to get better bulbs that won’t cause more Global Warming. I am really interested in Global Warming and how it works.

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