Byerschool Foundation Scholarship for 2021-22 Application Now Open (until May 1)
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Byerschool Foundation Scholarship Now Open!

February 28, 2019

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You may email, mail or fax your application to our office at the contact information below. Student must have com​p​leted the 4th Grade at Russell Byers Charter School.
*Current awardees have been grandfathered and are not subject to this requirement.

  • Annual household income ​must not exceed $85,000, excluding additional income allowance of $15,608 as permitted for each dependent​ (as defined by the IRS) living within the same household.
  • Students may use the ​Scholarship Award​ at any private or parochial schools located in Pennsylvania that meet the compulsory attendance requirements of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and applicable requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • No ​Scholarship Award​ may exceed the actual amount charged for tuition charged by the student’s school of enrollment. Any overpayment must be repaid to the Byerschool​ ​Foundation​.
  • If a student leaves the school ​for which he/she received the ​Scholarship Award​ ​before completion of the first semester of study, the guardian(s) must reimburse 30% of the ​Award​ to the Byerschool Foundation.
  • If a student leaves the school​ for which he/she received the ​Scholarship Award ​after​ the halfway point and before the end of the academic year, the guardian(s) are required to reimburse 10% of the ​Award​ to the Byerschool Foundation.
    • If repayment becomes a financial hardship to the family, an extended payment plan may be established at the discretion of the Byerschool Foundation.
  • Byerschool Scholarship Award recipients ​must maintain satisfactory academic standing​ or they will be unable to reapply for the Scholarship Award for the following school year.
  • Byerschool Scholarship Award recipients must volunteer a minimum of five (5) hours a year. Arrangements can be made through the Ours for Life office at ​215-972-1700​. ​
    *With preapproval, hours volunteered with another organization will also be considered&emdash;proof of hours worked are required. Please contact Kristin Iannuzzelli at ​215-972-1700, or​ for preapproval.
  • No applications will be accepted after 12:01 AM on May 2, 2019. All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed. Applicant awards will be announced no later than May 15, 2019. Applications that are deemed incomplete will not be considered.

Required Documents Check List:

  • Both of the following income verifications from the IRS:
    • 2018 signed 1040 form from the IRS
    • 2018 W-2 forms for ​ALL​ employed family members ​OR​ at least 2 consecutive income pay stubs for ALL employed family members OR at least 2 consecutive pay stubs for ALL employed family members.
  • A letter outlining ​tuition and financial aid/grant information​ from the school the student will be attending.
  • Proof of good financial standing with the school.

Completed applications may be returned in the following ways:

Russell Byers Charter School
c/o Kristin Iannuzzelli
1911 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103



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