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The Russell Byers Charter School Curriculum includes outcomes based on district, state and national standards as stipulated in the Philadelphia School District’s Core Curriculum. The Curriculum includes best practices of instruction and assessment in all disciplines including Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Cultural Arts, which includes Art, Physical Education and Music.

Special Education services are available for children who require support to participate in the regular education program. Students are assessed by teacher-designed assessments, which include observing and working with students in multiple ways as well as standardized tests, including the PSSA.

School Song

“Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly”
Music and Lyrics by Krista Yutzy-Burkey

We’re always on a journey
Discovering the world
Learning how to love ourselves
And other boys and girls
We’ll learn to work together
For our community
Accepting one another
And our diversity

But we can’t do it alone
We need help to reach our goals
Give us strength to carry on…
Help us learn how to grow (roots to grow)
Help us learn how to fly (wings to fly)
‘Cause together, we can make the brightest sky
Help us learn how to grow (roots to grow)
Help us learn how to fly (wings to fly)
We can make the world so much better, if we try

Through all success and failure
Through happiness and tears
We’ll always keep on learning
Growing stronger through the years
And when we grow up older
We’ll share along the way
The endless love for learning
That we gained from day to day

[Repeat Chorus]

Photo: Ryan Brandenberg
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