Visual Arts

4th-8th Grade Student Art Slideshow – 2020-2021 Winter Virtual Learning

4th-8th Grade Student Art Slideshow – 2020 Fall Virtual Learning

Studio Art Program

The studio art program integrates art appreciation, history, criticism, production and multicultural awareness to promote an authentic enjoyment of art for every child. This comprehensive approach provides lively opportunities for all students to observe and participate in the making and understanding of art. While the curriculum is based on National and State Standards, our program frequently integrates subjects introduced in In-depth Investigations and Expeditions to reinforce classroom concepts. Major objectives of our visual arts program encourage children to develop:

  • A visual awareness of the world around them.
  • An appreciation of their own creativity and the creativity of others.
  • Skills and craftsmanship to master materials and techniques.
  • Application of artistic techniques to express their ideas and feelings.
  • A verbal and non-verbal vocabulary to express what they see and feel.
  • Creative and analytical thinking skills.

Art enables students to understand and connect with the world around them through active and creative participation. Drawing and painting, as well as three-dimensional projects, promote risk-taking and problem solving in a fun and supportive environment. Art appreciation, class critiques, portfolios and student exhibitions serve as assessment practices that help students understand, reflect on, and take responsibility for their own learning.

In addition to the visual art program, fifth and sixth grade students are given the opportunity to participate in an after-school Art Club Program at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Student Voices

“My hope is to get a scholarship to a high school; and my dream is to be an FBI biologist and work in the medical field.”

Kennedi, Grade 7
Photo: Ryan Brandenberg
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