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7th Grade Editorial

Social Issue: Gun Violence

by Brendan Dunbar

May 5 2018 will forever be a day that one teenager will never forget, his 18 year old brother was shot and killed. Unfortunately this isn’t his first experience with gun violence. Some of his friends were killed by guns. This young man has gone through more things than any 18 year old should have to endure. Why is this important? Young african American men are dying everyday, at the hands of gun violence. I believe the government is not concerned with what’s happening in our community.

The Federal government is responsible for gun laws. The 2nd Amendment gives people the right to own guns. The National Firearms Act ( NFA) was first piece of national gun control legislation. It was passed on June 26, 1934.

Today states have different laws. Some are more strict than others. I decided to pick this topic because gun laws affect my community. Gun violence not only affects my community but the entire country. All you have to do is watch the news.

Gun violence not only affects my community but the entire country. All you have to do is
Watch the news or read the newspaper. Gun violence in Chicago mass school shooting in florida. The list is never ending.

I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe that people should not lose their right to own firearms: yet the, the laws need to be changed. You should be thoroughly checked and if you have a mental health problem, you should not be able to buy a gun.

The age limit should be raised to 30 years old. Maturity will the buyer to understand the importance of owning a gun.

Gun violence affects us all. We all know a family member, friend, former classmate, neighbor or someone within our circle, who has been affected by gun violence.

It might affect us differently but it affects us all nevertheless. If we start to care about each other in the same manner that we care about our family the world might become a better place. What affects one of us, affects all of us.

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